I have been actively showing dogs in conformation and performance events since 1986.  I gradually began to see a need for a way to keep my dogs sound and healthy throughout their competitive careers as well as in their retirement years.  My dogs are enthusiastic and willing partners in our journeys together, and I was excited to discover canine massage as a way to keep my dogs healthy, active, and comfortable. 


During the normal business week, I work as a High School Guidance Counselor.  Understanding, empathy, and intuition are all skills I have used throughout my career.   These skills, along with a sound knowledge of canine structure, physiology, and massage techniques, allow me to quickly develop trust and rapport with many types of dogs and their owners.



Here is what to expect during a Performance Massage session:jimmassagegait






I specialize in the massage of performance dogs, and I massage only canines.  With nearly 700 hours of state accredited training, my specialty is devoted exclusively to the study of canines and how to improve and maintain their condition with massage.  I can be found at many local agility trials competing with my dogs and massaging the dogs of fellow competitors.  Please contact me at the trials or if you wish to set up an appointment.





Graduate of Lang School of Massage
Member of IAAMB