Halcyon Station

Shetland Sheep




We raise a small flock of Shetland Sheep on the grassy plains of Colorado. The Shetland Sheep are small, hardy, healthy, and good natured ...a perfect flock for us. We occasionally sell hormone free, antibiotic free, grass fed lambs for meat. We ourselves eat very little meat other than our lamb. We prefer humanely raised animals that are raised on grass without unnecessary drugs.



We sell beautiful natural colored fleeces from our flock to hand spinners to craft into various items. The Shetland wool is soft and luxurious and easy to work with. In the beginning, we kept sheep coats on our animals, but we have changed that practice over the years. Shetland fleeces are small compared to other breeds, and we skirt heavily to eliminate unusable portions of the fleeces. Sheep coats are somewhat expensive and do not last long when exposed to the elements as our sheep wander the pasture land.


We found we were putting so much money and upkeep into the coats that we were practically giving away our fleeces even with a premium selling price. We now let our sheep graze au natural. They are free to comfortably roam the pasture unencumbered, and we discount our lovely fleeces accordingly. This makes for inexpensive fleeces for people just learning to spin and/or experimenting with various types of fleeces. We love to share our fleeces with the hand spinning fancy! lambsbrown


hopeherds One of our favorite past times is competing in herding trials with our Shelties. We teach our dogs the necessary herding skills using our flock of Shetland Sheep. This breed of sheep is perfect as they are quick, free moving, and nonintimidating for smaller dogs. Our Shelties have regular chores of taking the sheep out to pasture each morning and bringing them back to the barn in the evening. They also help us in sorting the sheep for shearing, nail trimming, breeding, and so on.



For more information on our Shetland Sheep, please contact us at 303-646-0667.